Evoke Your Greatness!

My intention in writing these articles is to offer you usable tools rather than simply enjoyable reading material. The interpretation of each article will vary based on whatever intention(s) you have in mind at the time you are reading. In this way, you can make use of these articles over and over again as reusable tools for evoking your Greatness. Naturally, I hope you do enjoy reading them as well.

You will find that many of the articles have mental exercises, some of which are available, or soon to be available, on audio cassettes and CD’s.

To get started, click on The Best of Intentions for a brief summary description of each article. Take a look and see which topics apply most directly to your present needs.

Remember, this is YOUR website, so please send me your feedback as to what you have found to be useful, as well as whatever topics you’d like to see addressed within this area or any other section of this website.

Thank you and enjoy!

John Felitto

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The Best of Intentions
Article Summaries

The Top Ten MENTAL Principles
for Evoking Your Greatness

The Top Ten SPIRITUAL Principles
for Evoking Your Greatness
A Jump-Start to Realizing Your Intentions
Another Tool For Your Tool Bag
Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Achievement
Can Self-Acknowledgment Be
Our Greatest Gift to Others?
Can You Imagine That?

A Congruency Model
Aligning the Whole You – Part I

A Congruency Model
Aligning the Whole You – Part II
Converting A Fearful Decision into A Loving Choice
Decisions, Decisions
Do Less, Accomplish More
Dynamic Meditation – The Fabulous 5
Eliminate Fatigue – Tear Up Your To-Do List
From Judgment To Love
In Search Of The Authentic Self
Mind Tools
Nutrition for Our Soul’s Intention – Attention
On Positive Thinking
Preflight For Success
Slow Down and Benefit from “Negative" Emotions
Universal Love
What A Racket
You’re Not Going Crazy, You're Just Waking Up