Self-Assessment Tool

It is important to note that the following is not a test but a self-assessment tool. The objective is to open your awareness to principles to assist you in growing in the areas you find attractive. The order of the responses imply that there are better and worse choices but understand that the questions and answers are inherently influenced by the author's view, beliefs etc. The intent is not to change how you think or tell you what you should believe. Therefore, resist the temptation to judge yourself, or the material for that matter, and select the ideas that serve you.

1 - Intention

a) I have a strong intention/desire/dream that I am passionately pursuing.
b) I have a strong intention/desire/dream that I am not currently pursuing.
c) I had a strong intention/desire/dream but have given-up pursuing it.
d) I have no intention/desire/dream.

2 - Awareness

a) I am aware of my thoughts and behavior and observe myself non-critically.
b) I am aware of my thoughts and behavior but I judge myself critically.
c) I am only somewhat aware of my thoughts and behavior.
d) I do not really pay much attention to my thoughts and behavior.

3 - Attention

a) I consistently direct my attention toward what I want.
b) I desire to, but am inconsistent in directing my attention toward what I want.
c) I am distracted from directing my attention toward what I want.
d) I find that my attention is, unfortunately, mostly on what I do not want.

4 - Appraisal

a) I create my own reality and am unaffected by the behavior of others. I, therefore, choose how I respond to the events in my life, not react. I do not see things as "good" or "bad" and seek the opportunity within situations and circumstances.
b) Most of the time, I am able to stay on course relatively unaffected by events and the behavior of others.
c) Other people and circumstances often bring me down.
d) Most of the time, I find myself being reactive and strongly affected by the opinion of others.

5 - Acceptance

a) I fully accept the present as perfect.
b) I accept the present but not as perfect.
c) It is difficult for me to accept present conditions, yet it does not stop me from pursuing my interests.
d) I find it very difficult to accept the present and moving forward is difficult.

6 - Belief Expansion

a) I am a freethinking individual and I have moved well beyond parental, religious and societal influences. I have been able to form my own opinions and beliefs and believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
b) I am aware of how parental, religious and societal influences have affected my life and am now growing beyond these limitations.
c) I never really considered how parental, religious and societal influences might be affecting my life.
d) I find it difficult to get beyond past experiences and influences.

7 - Self-Acknowledgment

a) I believe I have identified my talents and gifts and joyfully share them with the world. I love myself, and find it easy to care for myself and others.
b) I believe I have talents and gifts and share them freely; however, I do not feel very comfortable putting attention on myself.
c) I am uncertain what my talents are and generally feel average.
d) I do not feel that I have much to offer others.

8 - Cancel/Replace Techniques

Not Applicable

9 - Dynamic Meditation

a) I find meditation to be a priceless tool and am a regular practitioner.
b) I know the value of meditation but just do not have the time for it.
c) I do not meditate; however, I do have other methods that work well for me to stay relaxed and in touch with my purpose and myself.
d) I do not have any interest in meditation.

10 - Congruency

a) I feel that I am in alignment with my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nature. I welcome the challenges of my life and see overcoming them as a means for further growth and greater happiness.
b) I am in the process of becoming more aware of the value of aligning with my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nature.
c) I find the notion attractive but have done little in pursuing it.
d) Let's face it; what you see is all there is and spiritual, emotional and mental stuff not an issue when you just do what you have to do.


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