Passions, Talents & Values

The following highlights the importance of including Passions, Talents and Values within your Meaningful Intention statements.


Take a reflective moment and use your memories to recall an event in your life when you were filled with passion. What were the qualities? For many, the experience is one of great energy, a sense of invincibility, where anything is possible, a driving focused force, heightened emotion and a deep connectedness to a purpose and the value it provides for all involved. Passion creates an expansive energy which attracts you into action and is therefore a very valuable ingredient to incorporate within your Meaningful Intentions statement. Cultivate your passions and you will be delightfully drawn into action. Passion engages you in the process of conscious creation and where passion is present, so you too are fully present as well.


Bringing your talents and strengths to your consciousness will support your actions and sense of confidence in the pursuit of your intentions. We have been brought up under a societal conditioning that acknowledging yourself is a conceited act and that you should be thinking only of others. You draw on your strengths, not to “puff” yourself up but to strengthen your ability to contribute on a higher level for the benefit of all and “all” includes you.


This is your moral and ethical code which you live by, not the values imposed outside of yourself but the code you intuitively trust. This is moving away from leaning and relying on the good opinion of authority figures toward self-emancipation, trusting and embracing your own code and reinforcing your ability to make sound, ethical choices. By living in integrity within yourself and being consciously responsible for your own actions you develop inner strength, conviction and self-confidence.

Author and wordsmith Susan Corso points out that our values are a measuring stick for our choices. When we choose to honor our own values, it's easy to persist in the actions that support our choices. Think about it. I think you'll find that usually, when you give up on a goal, it's because you finally figure out that it doesn't fit with what you value.

With these ingredients in the forefront of your consciousness, you will cultivate passionate and focused energy which will attract you into action; with the awareness of your strengths, you will be consciously competent in those actions and with your values in tact you will have confidence that your intentions are in alignment with an ethical code designed to benefit everyone involved.

When engaging in a process that speaks directly to your natural talents and passions, you will experience heightened energy and enthusiasm, more consistent action, and a building momentum. You will be supremely in the present, your spontaneous thoughts and behavior will be seasoned with the richness of where you are directing your attention, which consequently yields outcomes and results in alignment with your thoughts, behavior and intent.

You will note an absence of problem solving here – a shift to conscious creation…

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete". -R. Buckminster Fuller

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