Dynamic Meditation is a simple yet profound tool to direct your attention powerfully and communicate directly with your subconscious mind.

Be Guided Through the Process

A 4-minute Mental Exercise

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The Six-Step Process

1) Close Your Eyes

2) Breathe Deeply
  • Blow all the air out of your lungs
  • When exhaling fully, you will notice that your diaphragm will automatically begin to draw air back into your lungs
  • Continue to inhale fully
  • Hold it for a count of about 4
  • Release and repeat three to five cycles

3) Count Down Deepening Exercises

  • Practice counting down from 50 - 1 or 25 - 1 or 10 – 1

4) Express Gratitude

  • Directing your attention on the riches presently within your life expands the creative mind and reconnects you with your spiritual nature.

5) Review Successes

  • Revisiting recent or previous successes is expressing gratitude for you. Acknowledging your accomplishments is uplifting, and reinforces your belief in your capability to succeed again.
6) Direct Your Creative Mind
  • The stage is now set for you to use this calm and focused state for whatever purpose you desire. Many other applications for Dynamic Meditation are offered within this website. Go to Exercises for more.

Understanding the Process

Dynamic Meditation is a powerful tool. You will use active techniques such as visualization and mental rehearsal to impress your brain profoundly with images at deep states of consciousness. Professional athletes understand and apply these techniques increasing their performance measurably and so can you!

The simply act of closing your eyes reduces sensory input and reduces your brain frequency from a beta toward an alpha rhythm

Deep diaphragmatic (belly) breathing triggers the “relaxation response” of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Counting backward provides your mind with a passive target for quieting, moving mind away from distracting thoughts.

As with all mental, emotional and spiritual practices, the law of least effort applies. When you begin, you may find that your mind wanders. Avoid getting upset about this as it is normal. Simply acknowledge and make a mental note of where you mind “went” and gently “direct” your attention back to where you wish it to be.

The process of Dynamic Meditation is simple yet profound. It is somewhat challenging for our rational mind to accept the fact that we can get so many benefits from such a simple practice
. Although simple, incorporating this practice into your daily routine can be challenging.

Give yourself the gift that this practice offers and watch what happens.

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