Mind Mapping

For Creative Brainstorming

The brain functions through association and converts language, thoughts and feelings into images. This is happening whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Mind Mapping aligns with this natural tendency.

Writing lists often triggers a conditioned response to put the most important things on top of the list which slows down creativity. Mind Mapping will free your mind from this “prioritizing” and expand your possibility thinking.

Begin your creative brainstorming positioning your main theme at the center of the page and radiate your thoughts outward. As you note related themes, connect them with additional lines.

This is done free-hand with pens, pencils and even crayons if you’d like. Add color, doodles and drawing to stimulate greater creativity.

Click here to view sample images of Mind Maps. For more on Mind Mapping, view Tony Buzan's video below.

The page is turned widthwise, like a movie screen.

No rules! Have fun!



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