Four Interview Questions

Our greatest strengths often elude us. Perhaps it is because they are so deeply assimilated we do not notice them. On the other hand, perhaps we were brought up with the notion that it was inappropriate to focus on ourselves; that we should be directing our attention toward others. When we adopt the principle of self-acknowledgment (see below), we embrace a healthy sense of self, apply our greatest strengths, and create more value for others as well as ourselves.
Here are four interview questions you can ask people in your world to jump-start your awareness of your talents and strengths that may currently elude you:

What is the first thing you think of when you think of me?
What is the most interesting thing about me?
What do you see as my greatest accomplishment?
What do you see as my greatest strength?

My first wonderful coach, Meryl Moritz, first offered these questions to me. She said that she learned a lot about the way she comes across to people through these interviews. Meryl discovered that she had strengths that she had taken for granted, that were perceived as quite unique. This has been my experience as well. She went on to explain that an unpremeditated side benefit of this is that her strengths, accomplishments and uniqueness came into focus for the people she had interviewed. They remembered that she was a coach and that she probably was a great one because of the talents they feel she has demonstrated. This, quite unexpectedly generated unsolicited referrals as well! Lastly, Meryl also found this as a way of getting one of her needs met, to be valued. Why not elect to do 10 of these interviews in the next two weeks and give yourself the many benefits this exercise has to offer.

The four questions originated from Lynda Falkenstein's site, the Niche Coach,

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