A Mental Model You Can Take With You

Pocket Primers© are simple trigger tools to prompt your attention.

After you have had an opportunity to review the "I CAN!" Model Exercise...

Click on the printer friendly hyperlink below
Print and cut out this business card sized Pocket Primer©
Put it in your pocket or purse

Then whenever you'd like, you can easily ask yourself the five questions offered in the exercise.

If you are less than pleased with any of your responses to these questions, don't be disturbed. Instead, use the "I CAN!" Resources at the bottom of this page and seek the valuable information you need to align with your intent.

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I CAN! Resources:

Intention - Meaningful Intention Statement - Your guidepost for both thought and action
Congruency - Empowering Affirmations - The alignment of Spirit, Emotions, Mind and Behavior
Attention - Dynamic Meditation - Communicating with self, subconscious and higher consciousness
Nurturing - 10 Daily Activities that bring me lightness and energy

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