John Felitto is a Mind Development Trainer & Coach, Author, Facilitator, Radio Host, Founder of & Felitto Coaching & Consulting Associates, a Life & Business Coaching Company.

John's coaching is provided exclusively by telephone enabling John to support his practice members internationally.

“My intention is to continue to create pathways that honor the unique learning styles of each individual. I wanted to make it possible for the independent learner to coach themselves to success through reading articles and/or listening to audio programs and experiential exercises. For those who learn best within a group, to have resources for group coaching, virtual conferencing and in-person interactive workshops. And to offer one-to-one coaching, the most powerful dynamic I know, which supports the individual in consistently returning back to their chosen focus, keeping their intentions clear, their emotions light, their perspective wide and their behaviors in alignment with those intentions and aims. This has a huge impact on the quality of one's life.

Our company is poised to offer whatever pathway(s) the individual chooses. The one essential truth we must remain awake to is that the Greatness lies, not with the company, the coach, the pathways or strategies; the Greatness lies within each individual and we must respect their ability to evoke their own Greatness with our role being facilitors within that process.”

From his life-long committment to learning, John incorporates his understanding of mental and spiritual principles as he coaches his practice members from the inside out. Applying a deep self-awareness vs. adrenaline-based approach, John's motivational style fosters a strong foundation and lasting state of self-confidence within his practice members.

With over 30 years of experience in working with subjective mental techniques, John presents The Silva Method of Mind Development and other related workshops and TelePrograms. These tools enable you to alter & expand your personal belief systems and create breakthrough results perpetuating a state of "positive being."

Observing his associates' high stress levels, he offered them what he had learned and showed them that they too could relax, focus, achieve at a higher level and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. This was, quite unexpectedly, the beginning of John's career transition. After a successful 22 year career as a sales professional and financial services advisor, John sold his practice and began coaching full-time in 1995. He is a graduate of CoachU and has coached hundreds of people since the establishment of his practice.

John married the love of his life, Joan, in 1981 and together they enjoy their three children Marissa, Danielle and Mathew. John is also a private pilot. He says "Flying is the ultimate metaphor for life. The satisfaction comes not so much from maintaining a fixed course as it is to course correct gracefully. It's not about controlling, it is about effectively responding with a cool head and a warm heart."

John helps evoke his practice members’ Greatness in a variety of areas, some of which include:
· Defining & Clarifying Intent
· Productivity in Sales & Business
Developing Focus
· Getting Organized
· Achieving Balance
· Transitioning to Meaningful Work
· Expanding Beliefs
· Relaxation Techniques
· Creativity Training
· Emotional Intelligence·
· Spiritual Awareness
· Attaining Fulfillment
· Coach Mentoring

John can be reached by:

Tel. (845) 201-8496
e-mail –

· Relax

· Focus

· Achieve

· Enjoy