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Chances are, you know precisely what your business needs and what needs to get done. Your success largely depends upon your ability to maintain mental focus and emotional resiliency. That's where coaching comes in.

Business coaching provides you with objective feedback and support enabling you to remain sharp, and execute your business plan with confidence.

Coaching is always customized to who you are and what you want. The services listed below will give you an idea of how John may best support you.

Enlightened Entrepreneur Coaching
Are you an enlightened entrepreneur? Do you have a huge vision? Generate ideas constantly? Have a driving ambition? Want to do it all? And want to do it gracefully? Chances are you are an enlightened entrepreneur. Get the support you need to create it all and enjoy it all.

Coaching for the Sales Professional

Get all the benefits of a sales manager without the vested interest. Whether you play by numbers or seed relationships, you will get the accountability, objective feedback and strategic support you need to evoke you sales Greatness. As you pour more prospects into your pipeline, brainstorm on cases and communicate more effectively with your customers' unique listening styles, you'll grow your business and see how sales coaching pays for itself.

Systems, Structure & Support - The Existence System©*

Get beyond overwhelm, be the master of your time, be productive and profitable. Through a simple yet effective assessment process, we will design an existence system around who you are.

Career Transition Coaching

Get support with the ultimate challenge. Don't go it alone. Learn to replace your fears, doubts and worries with passion, confidence and gratitude for the opportunity to live your dream.
Coach Mentoring
Want to cultivate your niche? Create a marketing plan? Bring new tools to your practice members? Whether you are just beginning your practice or bringing it to the next level, build your coaching practice with John's support.
Just in Time Coaching
Need to make an important decision now? Need to make the most of a huge opportunity now? Gain the objective perspective you need just in time.
Gap Coaching

Clearly identify and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be through this highly focused approach.

*This program is also offered on a group coaching basis. Inquire for details and discounted fees.

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