Life by Intentional Design TeleClass Series
Clear Intent, Dynamic Focus, Objective Perspective, Practical Action

Programs Designed with the Whole Brain in Mind

The TeleClass Summaries

Life by Intentional Design
An Overview of The Evoke Your Greatness Process©

When you easily accomplish your aims, your thoughts, emotions and actions are in alignment. When challenged in your pursuits, there is a misalignment at some level. The societal hypnosis is to struggle and force your way to success. There is another way! After this one-hour teleclass, you will know if this process is a fit for you.
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The New 90-Day Game!!!

Create What You Really REALLY Want ... Guaranteed!
While Enjoying the Precious Present Moment

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Also Available on Audio CD/Cassette

Will you be one of our Game Players who will create what they want in 90-days? This teleclass will introduce you to John Felitto's 90-Day Game using the *Evoke Your Greatness©* process. Whether or not you go forward with the 90-Day Game, you will take away from this teleclass 4 of the 20 Key Practices you can use to create what you want. After this one-hour teleclass, you will know if this process is a fit for you.
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Stop Chasing Goals and Live the Life You Want NOW!
Use the Power of Intent to Get What You Want

Three Consecutive Wednesdays:

Now Available On Audio CD/Cassette

Get beyond the limitations of goal planning and engage in “Meaningful Intentions”© filled with passion, purpose, love and benefits for all. Unlike goal chasing, your happiness is not deferred to some distant point in time. Happiness is here NOW in this precious perfect moment.
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Six Simple Steps to Enter a Dynamic Meditation
Tools for Better Health and Enhanced Productivity

Now Available On Audio CD/Cassette

In this introduction to Dynamic Meditation, you will learn the science and principles behind the method and be guided through a whole brain exercise, The Basic Steps to Enter a Dynamic Meditation. You will be able to practice a 4-minute exercise on your own and begin enjoying the Benefits of Dynamic Meditation right away! Then you will be ready to take your practice to the next level.
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Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5
Tools to Attract a Rich and Balanced Life

Now Available On Audio CD/Cassette

Align with the rhythm of life and let intuition, inspiration, and insights create and attract ideal outcomes within the Fabulous 5 areas of your life. Discover the power of your mind to -- maintain a state of calm -- enjoy a healthy balance -- contribute positively to others and to the world. We’ll amplify the concepts and strategies offered in the Intentions article "Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5." and experience the Fab 5 Dynamic Meditation on the call.
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Turbo Charging Your Intentions
Use More of Your Mind to Amplify Your Intent

Learn the art of Dynamic Meditation. You will not only enjoy deep relaxation, increased energy and stamina, enhanced mental clarity and focus, you’ll also be directly communicating your intentions to your subconscious mind. Use Dynamic Whole Brain Exercises to re-program your belief system for increased personal fulfillment and professional performance and success.
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Check Your Attitude
Set a Rich Environment for Your Intention to Flourish

The only difference between a fabulous life and something less than a fabulous life is one of perspective, one of attitude. Learn to live a less reactive, more responsive life. Through experiential application of Spiritual Principles and Mental Principles you will cultivate a fresh attitude designed to Evoke Your True Greatness.
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Self-Talk Mastery, New Beliefs - New Reality
Transform Your Self-talk into Empowering Affirmations

Two Consecutive Wednesdays:

Now Available On Audio CD/Cassette

Your self-talk is not to be feared nor fought. Reveal the valuable information your self-talk contains and use it to create new beliefs in alignment with your intentions.
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When in Doubt, Don’t Figure it Out
Use the Body-Mind Wisdom Model to Benefit from "Negative" Emotions

You can’t think your way out of negative emotions. So-called “negative” emotions are not a design flaw by Mother Nature but a call for your attention, to be engaged, not avoided. Underneath deep emotion is where intuitive guidance resides.
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Get It Done, Once and For All!
Implement Your Intention with The Existence System©

Once you are clear on your intentions, use The Existence System© to eliminate mental fatigue, create structure with room for spontaneity, and enjoy momentum and the satisfaction of accomplishment.
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