Your Spiritual Aspect
Awakening to Unity

· Cultivate Faith & Trust in Your Divine Connection
· Discover Your Passions and Purpose
· Tap Into Infinite Knowledge
· Cultivate Loving Relationships with Yourself, Others and Something Higher
· Open Up the Door to an Enriched Perspective

· Shifts:
From Alone to All One
From Judgment to Love
From Controlling to Guided

Understanding the Process

Our physical senses are so powerful they capture our attention and support an illusion of separateness. The spiritual senses shatter this illusion and we come to know how intimately united we truly are. Although seemingly elusive, the less you “try” the more easily you’ll access your Spiritual aspect. As you develop your ability to relax your body, calm your mind and engage your emotions your Spiritual nature will emerge quite naturally. One simple action you can take to stimulate this connection is to direct you attention to the Top Ten Spiritual Principles. As the top ten suggests, simply direct your attention to one principle a day. These principles are within you already. Your gentle attention will evoke these truths from within your heart and become increasingly present in your daily awareness.

From within this calm and clear state of awareness, your natural inclination is to pursue meaningful intentions filled with passion, purpose, love and benefits for all. It is in the engagement of Meaningful Intentions that a fulfilling life is lived in the present. Here you are finally freed from the perpetual drive to acquire more - you stop chasing goals and live the life you want now.

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· Relax your Body

· Calm Your Mind

· Engage Your Emotions

· Embrace Unity

· Live a Fulfilling Life