Your Mental Aspect
Evoking the Greatness of Your Creative Ability

· Activate Your Creativity & Recreate Your Life
· Harness the Power to Direct Your Attention
· Gain Valuable Insight into What Drives You
· Organize Your Insights
· Create and Act Upon Clear Goals and Meaningful Intentions
· Create Beliefs In Alignment with Your Goals and Intentions
· Convert “Negative” Self-talk into Empowering Affirming Thought
· Shift from Reactive to Creative
· Gain Confidence in Your Decision Making Ability
· Use Your Imagination & Create the Life Your Want
· Establish Your Emotional Connection
· Open the Door To Effective Action

Understanding the Process

Your attention literally creates. Attention is the fertilizer that brings thoughts into material reality. Mindfully observing what you say to yourself and others reveals the beliefs which you act upon.

Your words, feelings and mental “pictures” all create images. Imaging is the only language your brain understands. Images, particularly those repeated regularly and which carry an emotional charge, generate the strongest images, affect brain chemistry and trigger physiological responses in your body.

Mind is a processor which receives insights and transmits images to the brain to act upon. Whether your attention is on fear, doubt and worry or love, faith and gratitude, your brain makes no judgments and, like a good short order cook, serves up results influencing your behavior.

Interestingly, this process is going on whether you are consciously aware of it or not. When unaware, you are subject to this process; when aware you are empowered by and engage in this process, literally creating your life experiences.

Mind development techniques enable you to evoke the Greatness of your Mental aspect by gaining access to your subconscious mind, increasing awareness of your existing beliefs, and creating new beliefs in alignment with your intentions and aims.

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· Relax and Open the Creative Mind

· Observe Self-Talk

· Identify Beliefs

· Access the Subconscious Mind

· Establish New Beliefs

· Create & Engage in Meaningful Intentions

· Be Attracted into Action