Your Emotional Aspect
Evoking an Enlightened Perspective & Attitude

· Cultivate Your Loving Witness
· Broaden Your Perspective
· Reframe “Negative” Events into Grand Opportunities
· Convert Tension & Anxiety into Intuitive Insight
· Cultivate Effective Self-Communication
· Open Up the Door to Your Creative Mind
· Establish Your Divine Connection

· Shifts:
o From Reactive to Responsive
o From Judgment to Compassion

Understanding the Process

When confused and frustrated we will experience either “failure” or “success” based on our perspective. Since we dislike confusion and frustration, we typically either run from, or go to battle with ourselves to fight these disturbing reactions. When you choose to perceive this discomfort as a call for your attention, you listen and engage rather than retreat from yourself and open up effective self-communication. This self-communication uncovers the very information you need to reach your aims and realign.

As with all communication, effective listening enables you to accurately receive information and respond appropriately. By listening to the messages your body is sending you, the more effectively you can respond. Your “ability to respond” with emotional intelligence will help you reconnect with your spirit, broaden your perspective, open the flow of intuitive guidance, enabling you to establish new beliefs and behaviors and achieve your intentions and aims.


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· Relax

· Engage vs. Retreat or Fight

· Receive Intuitive Insights

· Be Response-able

· Reconnect with Your Spirit

· Broaden Perspective

· Expand Beliefs

· Establish New Behaviors

· Achieve Your Aims