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Most of us assume that we are all experiencing the same reality and are somewhat surprised to discover that this in not at all the case.

You are unique in how you think, feel and experience the world around you. You prefer to think, learn and communicate in certain ways. This is a function of your brain dominance.

You were also born with innate talents and strengths. Being aware of, understanding and employing your gifts, enables you to be far more creative and productive. You accomplish more with less effort and you become grateful and appreciative of your authentic self. Consequently, you develop an understanding and appreciation for the unique nature of others and a respect for their point of view.

Nothing to Fix

For whatever reason, we human beings tend to see what is missing rather than what is here now and available. When we take stock in our brain preferences and innate strengths, we can see that there is nothing to fix but simply enhance.

Abraham Maslow, the “father” of American humanism, was quoted as saying, “Be independent of the good opinion of others.” Since many of us make the false assumption that we are all seeing the “real” world, we tend to impose our view on others. When we understand how uniquely we all see the world we can, like facets of a diamond, join together and shine, celebrating and employing our differences to accomplish common objectives.

This self-knowledge is enormously empowering. Rather than wasting energy on what we think we should be doing, we begin to take actions in alignment with who we are.




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